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For a long time the market for fine and exclusive wines in Mexico lacked suppliers who could have the best collections to offer their clients. It was very common that to taste a unique wine it had to be outside the country since it was not available in the national market. Understanding this need, Rafael Parada founded Vinos Exclusivos, an online store that brings a fine and very rare collection of wines that will be within reach of a click for the most demanding clients and connoisseurs of high-quality wines.


At Vinos Exclusivos we are passionate about being the first suppliers of unique and exclusive wines in Mexico since no one else can offer the collection we have, we are passionate about bringing these fine wines to our customers' tables.


For years we have selected with great care and dedication each of the bottles of wine that we offer in our online store, wines from successful vintages, winners of excellent scores from the most renowned winemakers.

Vinos Exclusivos

We have a selection of unique fine wines that have been winners of excellent scores.

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